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Theme: …“Sharing our Passion for Gardening and the Environment”…

Dear Garden Club Members,

I welcome all of you to another Garden Club year. As the immediate past president, I reflect on this past year to think about the future. This past year, member’s passion, visions, ideas, hard work and commitment renewed, enhanced and updated many of our programs and activities. It is with great pride that I was a part of this process.

Our Headquarters, the Garden and Building, are a visual testament to this effort. Continuously visitors are seeking out our garden for relaxation and contemplation. We are educating more adults and youth in our updated building.

Small and maybe obvious improvements showcase our organization. The Flower Show preview party was extended to serve as a venue to thank some of our most generous donors: “the Homeowners of our Secret Garden Tour”.

New members are joining our garden and shade house workdays. We experience an instant sharing of new knowledge and friendships.

Social media is expanding. People local and from all over the world are reading, liking, sharing our efforts and knowledge. Social media is reaching out to share our meetings and classes.

Not going into a laundry list of activities, I know this kind of passion and involvement was shared across a lot of our projects.

Our projects and outreach are an extension of our Mission. There is something in it that you will gravitate towards. The original Mission for Fort Lauderdale Garden Club, as formulated by our predecessors, is still just as current today. We could substitute and insert the words environment, sustainability, conservation in a few places and we would be certain it was written yesterday. We carry out our mission by sharing our passion for beauty and with love. We shall continue on this successful path and I encourage all members to join in this process.

Share your Passion and help implement your visions and ideas.

See you at our Headquarters,

Roswitha Sidelko

President of Fort Lauderdale Garden Club


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