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Greetings to all FLGC Members,

In reflecting back on our Club’s accomplishments this past year,
it would be remiss not to begin by thanking all of the Chairs and
all of the wonderful volunteers who dedicated their energy and
enthusiasm in support of our Club’s projects. It was an
outstanding and successful year that brought our Club members
together to work towards ensuring that our projects met and
exceeded all expectations. We are a working group of gardening
enthusiasts who are committed to promoting the love of the
environment through our Center’s gardens and our Shade
House, through our support of local conservation efforts and
through what we share within our Youth programs.

As we look forward to our Club’s 100th anniversary in 2027, our
Board recognized the need to initiate strategic and long term
planning considerations for the coming years to determine what
our Club should “look like” in five years. A valiant group of Board
members began meeting in May to begin analyzing the
concerns, ideas and solutions as posed between themselves
and from a membership-wide query. Four focus areas emerged
as being deemed in most need of additional support. These
topics were new member development and engagement of new
members into the Club, community outreach and Club image,
strengthening our Youth programs and increasing our
educational opportunities.

Recommendations from the Strategic Planning Committee will be
presented to the Board at the first meeting of the new season and
then to the general membership for further approval. There are
many exciting and engaging opportunities that will be offered this
coming year to encourage and nurture more member participation

“Every Garden Counts” will continue to be the theme of my
presidency. Gardens are made from the imaginations of their
creators. The size of a garden should not determine the amount of
pleasure one receives from it but rather the pride and appreciation
of having nurtured a piece of the natural world.

I am honored to continue on in my presidency for one final year. It
has been a privilege to have had the opportunity to work with so
many dynamic and generous people. I believe that we all treasure
the friendships that we have made and appreciate the knowledge
that we have shared and received. As a parallel to the extent of
one’s personal garden, there are so many opportunities at every
level to become invested in our Club’s broadening base that will
enrich our members and positively impact the greater Fort
Lauderdale community.

I am honored to be leading this dynamic group, and I am
grateful to the FLGC Board for their support and
involvement and for all of the many volunteers who invest
their time and energy in our Club’s projects.

Thank you to all of you who give so much. I look forward to another
year of working with you!

Susie MacPherson

President of Fort Lauderdale Garden Club

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