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Dear Gardener-Friends,

Thank you for your confidence in allowing me to serve as your President for the upcoming season. I am thrilled to be part of this excellent group and in a capacity to serve and learn. Since I was fortunate enough to be your District XI Director for two years, I met many like-minded individuals in Broward County. We have so many of the same goals… to learn, teach, include, and share. Being in this position gives me the opportunity to meet many more gardeners, environmentalists, conservationists, and designers – all so close to my heart and all so important for the health of our planet and our organization.

We start the year on an uncertain note since we have yet to finalize an agreement with Florida Department of Environmental Protection, our former “landlord.” We have, however, chosen to move forward as if the Garden Center is still our home. Plans for wonderful programs are in the works, as well as a Standard Flower Show and the annual Secret Garden Tour. We hope to expand the Tour committee to share the workload; please feel free to lend a helping hand!

My personal objective as your President is to make every member feel an integral part of our organization and that happens by encouraging and including everyone in some facet of our mission. Finally, I hope to get to know each of you and find a way to ensure your contentment and commitment to the ideals of the Fort Lauderdale Garden Club.

My best to all,

Sharon Bogard

President of Fort Lauderdale Garden Club

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